To Myself, From Myself


Interview by

Stasia Khmelnitski

The Band:

Jay Kerr-Gray Guitar/Vocals

Will Cooper Guitar/Keys

Patrick Healy Guitar/Piano

Chris Roberts Bass

Ben Wright Drums




Dan Riley


Jay Bass


Lonesome is a Post Rock band from Peterborough, UK. The band released the debut EP To Myself, From Myself, a conceptual letter about healing through hope that becomes a savior. The meaning of uniqueness of each person is revealed through lyrics contrasting to the path of search and revelation taking you away, floating with the ambience of the music. The EP is a wholesome story, that organically evolves through a journey building on emotions, the harsh picks and the soft, ethereal turning points in the music.

We speak with Jay, Will, Patrick, Chris, and Ben about the record, the experience that led towards writing the lyrics, the unique sound, and the natural development from the previous project That Night Forests Grew. The EP is a highly positive path that wakes the feelings, excites thoughts, drains from any sorrow and adversity enabling a relief.

Lonesome by WUL Magazine



Tell about the debut EP To Myself, From Myself, the concept that brought the band together towards the mutual goal to create Lonesome?

It was a natural progression from our previous project That Night Forests Grew. We’ve taken all our favourite elements of the old band and matured them through the writing process that finally brought about the new moniker. Writing music that we want to hear and play has always been an integral part of the process for us and Lonesome is the best way for us to showcase this.

We never set out with an exact goal to what Lonesome was going to be, it came from everything that felt right. Every aspect of Lonesome means something different to each of us individually yet collectively the message it gives is hope.

The artwork for the debut EP includes an undone square with a pencil going through it on a background of gloomy skies. Where did the idea originate from?

So, the undone square with a pencil going through it is our logo. The square is a piece of paper; it is undone to form an "L" for Lonesome. The pencil is to signify a letter being written; tying in with the theme of To Myself, From Myself. The cloudy theme in the background was what looked nice at the time. Jay disclosed a small snippet of what his lyrics (the letter) were about, so we created the dark to light gradient to fit the arch in mood throughout the lyrical narrative.

Lonesome by WUL Magazine
Lonesome by WUL Magazine

Name 3 most eccentric, unique, inspiring bands in the Post Rock genre today.

Tides Of Man – The way these guys approach showcasing their art is super interesting. Their new music video comes out soon, and the fact they’ve created a whole different concept to the band to release this is incredible. The fact these guys track all their records themselves is inspiring as that is how we approach capturing our sound.

Sleepmakeswaves – These guys utilise synths and other soundscaping tools to create a unique take on instrumental music. Although not specifically a Post-Rock band these guys channel elements of the genre in their music.

This Will Destroy You – These guys must be one of the hardest working Post-Rock about. To release a two-part album in one year is awesome. One of the classic bands in the genre and there’s a reason for that.

The lyrics and the music bring forth a positive atmosphere of hope. You speak as though from personal experience giving hope to a person listening to the confession and advice though also, on the contrary, seeking light as the lyrics come to the end of the EP. Could you share a story that a piece of it brought to this confession or affected the lyrics in a way?

Whenever I write lyrics, I base them upon experience or a feeling I have been through or felt. I don’t think you can truly connect with something or someone if it doesn’t come from the heart.

Writing To Myself, From Myself was difficult because I wasn’t writing lyrics that people would listen to when they are hurting causing them to hurt more - this is how I would normally write. I wanted to write a piece that someone would listen to if they are in a bad place to make them feel better.

Deep down I also wanted to feel better about how lost and empty I felt. Writing this letter to myself gave me hope. It’s not always easy to explain how you feel just; as it’s not always easy for me to explain what I write about. I hope through the lyrics and music we can help people find hope and understand that how they feel isn’t forever; you will one day find yourself.

Are you pessimists or optimists in real life. What are the dynamics in the band?

Generally, we are quite optimistic people. We think you must be to want to succeed. Having doubts about your art is natural but belief in yourself as a creative outlet is key.

We’re all best buds so working together is really easy, disagreements happen at times, but we work it out between the five of us very quickly. We all bounce ideas off each other some stick, some don’t.

Jay, Will, Patrick, Chris, Ben - in a sentence each one of you what does being Lonesome mean to you?

Jay: Lonesome to me is being able to give the words that you struggled to find when you needed them the most.

Will: Lonesome is a way for me to unload any baggage I carry around; a positive, creative outlet that I hope can also help others that may need to unload like me.

Paddy: For me, Lonesome is the perfect way to express myself and how I feel, sometimes without saying a word.

Chris: Lonesome means a new musical journey for me with great people.

Ben: Lonesome is progression and maturity in music for me; since writing the new stuff I’ve experimented more and found that I have more in the locker than I could ever have imagined.

What are the plans for this year?

We're currently working on a lot of things behind the scenes. New music, a new music video, and some other cool pieces of content.

We have a few shows lined up and some tours that are yet to be finalised. We'll have more details about all of this soon.