Modeling as an escape from reality

Tania Anjani ——  by  Pasqual Amade

Tania Anjani —— by Pasqual Amade


Interview by

Stasia Khmelnitski


Tania Anjani


Tania Anjani is an emerging model from Jakarta, Indonesia who comes to conquer the most inspiring fashion city - Paris. Tania is an authentic, energetic, life loving person who is not afraid to rediscover her personality and redefine her life. Moving to Paris to learn French and study Economics at the Sorbonne is only one of the challenges that make this path an inspiring and interesting journey.

We live in a world that becomes more connected and allows to follow dreams wherever those lead you. From growing her Instagram by taking photos in the friend’s backyard to practicing Yoga - it is all about doing what you love and knowing that you are unstoppable. Read on the story to discover more.

Tania Anjani ——  by  Putu Kresnanda

Tania Anjani —— by Putu Kresnanda

Tania Anjani ——  by  Putu Kresnanda

Tania Anjani —— by Putu Kresnanda


Hi Tania, how is your day going?

Nothing eventful, but thanks for asking!

Where were you born? Tell a bit about the neighborhood where you grew up.

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia 19 years ago. My house in Jakarta is located right behind the zoo, as peaceful as it is, it’s a completely different scene than what I’ve gotten used to in Paris now.

Growing up I heard the sounds of monkeys and birds whenever I was at home. It felt like living in a forest.

I miss it at times, especially when I get woken up at night by the sounds of ambulance sirens and my party animal neighbors.

You are living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Paris. Do you feel you have more opportunities because you live in the capital city?

Living in Paris is a blessing but also a curse, definitely not for the faint-hearted.

The opportunities provided in Paris are on such grand scales alongside their high number of potential competitors. As much as you want something, there will be someone else who wants it more than you do. I still haven't gotten used to that, it’s a huge challenge, but that's the beauty of living in a big city!

What is the album you listen on rotate?

Music is so important to me, I can never choose just one but there are two albums that managed to transcend my emotions, traversing over and beyond catchy choruses, they are Blonde by Frank Ocean and Freetown Sound by Blood Orange. Blonde being the powerful heart hitting masterpiece it is and Freetown Sound contains these different elements combined together to create one of the most beautiful music experiences for me personally. Both of them have this timeless quality that keeps them as relevant today as they were when they first came out. Besides those two, I can never get tired of listening to Flying Lotus, Onra, Phony Ppl. I can talk for hours when it comes to music, I'll stop now haha.

What is your favorite place to hang out in Paris?

The tiny living space I call my apartment. I live in a 15m2 studio apartment in the heart of Paris. My bed basically makes up 80% of my apartment, and it can only fit 4 people max, its tiny, but it's mine. Also, cause going out in Paris can be really expensive…

Dasha Shevik ——  by  Afia Semesta

Dasha Shevik —— by Afia Semesta


If I would ask you five years ago where do you want to be in five years would it be the place you are at now or have your goals and dreams changed?


"14-year-old me hated getting her pictures taken — I didn't know how to smile, modeling would be out of the question back then. I've always wanted to live somewhere else in contrast to Jakarta, just didn’t expect it to be Paris, so I'm grateful to be able to get out and see the world this way".

Photography by  Maxwell Finch  Fashion by  Putu Kresnanda  Model  Tania Anjani

Photography by Maxwell Finch Fashion by Putu Kresnanda Model Tania Anjani

Photography by  Maxwell Finch  Fashion by  Putu Kresnanda  Model  Tania Anjani

Photography by Maxwell Finch Fashion by Putu Kresnanda Model Tania Anjani


You are a student and a model. What do you study? And how do you manage to do both?

I study Economics and Social Administration at The Sorbonne. The classes are fully in French so with French being my third language that I have spoken daily only since last year, it has been a huge struggle, but so far I'm coping. I guess modelling became a way for me to escape my reality as a student. For sure I always put school first, but whenever I have the time, without a doubt, I try to model as much as I can.

Today it is not enough to get an agency to represent you. A model needs to be an influencer and have a followers base on Instagram. What is the most challenging part of being a model?

I've never been in an agency, so building up my profile was the ultimate challenge, it started out with some play-shoots with my best friend in her backyard.

Once you got your profile built, you’re giving people an idea on how it's gonna be working with you visually.

What is the best anime film ever created?

Akira, everything about it was ahead of its time. Violently sexual and grotesquely beautiful, the first time I watched Akira, it scared the hell outta me. I'm always so transfixed with its animation and story even after so many rewatches, so beautifully haunting.

Tania Anjani ——  by  Putu Kresnanda

Tania Anjani —— by Putu Kresnanda


Could you share your daily beauty routine? What is the most important part of it?

Nothing out of the ordinary, I just wash my face and apply moisturiser regularly. I struggled with acne growing up, and I’ve realised that my skin looks best when I'm stress-free!

Do you engage in sports activities? What do you like the most and what do you like the least about it?

I do Yoga and Pilates, only for my back cause I got scoliosis, other than those I don't do sports at all, I can’t stand sports actually.

How do you usually start your day?

Super late, not a morning person.

You have worked on some photographs with Pasqual Amade. How is it working together and how does Pasqual as a creator manages to capture the personality of a model, in your opinion?

Pasqual is never interested in anything ordinary, he always searches for people that are truly interesting inside and out. The beauty of his subjects doesn't necessarily need to meet the model standards, as long as they can deliver their own unique personalities through his lens, and he captures them exquisitely with a beautiful expression of moods and tones.

As a model, what do you think a person needs to stand out to get noticed and work on commercial projects for high fashion designers?


Name 3 Instagram channels you are following that inspire you?

@kusosenpai for beautiful stills and scenes from anime.

@gregforaday, he’s a Canadian photographer who lived in Asia and captured the transformation of some Asian cities in the 1970s-present through his lens. His photographs of Kowloon Walled City is my all-time favorite.

@margiezilla, the admin of that account is a crazy cat lady, but I don't blame her, Marge the Sphynx cat is one cute kitty!

What’s the next project you will be working on?

Staying alive in the streets of Paris.