Luka Radek

Untitled: Examining gender stereotypes

Luka Radek, a London-based photographer from Zagreb, Croatia with the team, decided to study gender roles and norms and expectations that society might force on the individuals. Times are changing and stereotypes are being broken, however, there is still a long way to go. Read more



Taishi Arai

Leo at 5:00pm, Waiting

Taishi is a fashion photographer who grew up in Tokyo and Cebu, an island in the Philippines. Today Taishi lives and shoots fashion editorials in the sunny L.A. ‘Leo at 5:00pm, Waiting’ is about telling a personal story of stopping on a way home, putting skateboard aside, and waiting for the sun to set. Read more

Carmine Roman

The Wild West in Naples

When fashion and western film unite to explore the city of Naples. Carmine Roman, an Italian photographer, together with stylist Damiano Riccio had an intriguing idea to take an iconic character of the cowboy out of its usual context The Wild West and place him in the sunny Naples. The new aesthetic is created. Read more


Diane Betties

Dare Me By Diane Betties

DARE ME is an editorial shot at several locations in Berlin. The main theme is sustainability in today’s world's craze of over consumerism. Read more