Alone at Home

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Interview by

Stasia Khmelnitski


Andrea Squeo




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In this story ‘Alone at Home’ Andrea Squeo a fashion photographer from Milan decided to shoot her friend an artist and photographer Luz at her home. What was planned as a fun shoot, experimenting with the location and available objects on set turned to a genuine and honest narrative of being a true self at the comfort of the home. The desires become a main objective of existence while fulfilling and developing oneself through relaxation, sports, and even idle pondering.

In her works Andrea looks for the personality, playfulness, releasing an inner child in a model ready to enjoy and live fully. Warm earthy colors caress with a feeling of being at the right place even when the weather is not welcoming. Delving to the identity and genuine connection with the person shot the works turn to be short stories opening new personalities.       

Dress  Leo and Lin  Ring  Olivia Creber
Andrea Squeo by WUL Magazine



What was the motivation for the shoot and creation of this story?

The motivation for this shoot was very simple, I just visited my friend at home and when I saw her hairstyle, the color of the house, and the punching bag, I thought to take out my camera and create a situation that reflects me when I was a kid about 15 years old (I'm 29 today). That's the reason why I named the story 'Alone at Home.'  The pics with the punching bag don't represent violence rather the art to fight, to grow up with respect to yourself and people around of you.

One of the genres you’re working in is fashion portraits. What is imperative in your opinion to get a strong portrait in terms of working with a model?

Yes, I love to do portraits because I love to feel people. So, for me to have a strong portrait I need to put into it mine and also the model's soul and personality. Also, the light and the styling have to reflect that. So the most important is the feeling of working with the model.

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Do you direct the model on set or you work with the main idea that guides the shoot allowing for spontaneity?

Both. I start with an idea, and then I mix with the model's spontaneity. I think it's the best way to have a shining photoshoot.

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Top  Sandro  Pants  Arnsdorf  Heels  stylists own  Earrings  Valet

What gear do you prefer when filming indoors?

It depends on the light on set, for this shooting I just used my camera, and the light from the window. That's it. But sometimes I use additional light or flash that's not a direct one, I love soft and natural light.

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Andrea Squeo by WUL Magazine
Top  Maje Shirt  Headpiece  Phoebe Hyles
Andrea Squeo by WUL Magazine