Anna Priakhina’s work as a photographer, who is based in Russia, revolves around art and fashion which merge together erasing the boundaries to create a new representation of the theme. This conceptual approach allows a new world and characters to emerge. Feona is a story about Dmitriy Smirnov through Anna’s prism and realization of the narrative.


This is a collaborative project in which gender is explored through the language of sexuality. Elements of clothes, poses of the model as fragments of the whole, mood and electric charisma pass to meet the gaze of the person on the other side of the frame. Emotionally charged images build anticipation, and the story continues in an imaginative state.


What were the main emotions you strived to reach working with Dmitriy for this story?

I wanted to show his beauty and sexuality in the image of a girl.

Tell about the location and finding the interesting angles that always reveal only a small portion from the whole? 

We organized a shooting in an old atmospheric communal apartment. This is magic to find perspectives and tell a story within the frame. I want to learn more about this.


Milk and mint cocktail while being very photogenic and even lustful to a certain fills a role of a motif for the shoot. What does it stand for in your opinion? 

Milk in photography often has erotic overtones, I use it with the same meaning.

The photos were taken in a very dark location in which color LEDs were used. Tell about the emphasis it creates on the atmosphere of the story.

We took colors from the painting for LEDs, they were successfully combined with the atmosphere of the location.


How do you think synergy is created with talent on set to enable this character created on set to become alive and real? 

The key to success: a good preparation for shooting, a preliminary study of the character. And then through maximum trust, the creation of the right atmosphere at the shooting and the model’s involvement in the idea of shooting. I usually work with people who are just as passionate about shooting as I am. So magic happens.