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Let’s Stay Home and Do Nothing All Day

Andrea Cenetiempo

Andrea Cenetiempo is a fashion photographer based in Milan. Andrea presents the story Let’s Stay Home and Do Nothing All Day, a collaborative work with stylists Alessandro Ferrari and Giusj Pagnotta Albanese, and muah Milena Frau.

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When We Bloom

Andrew Jackson

When We Bloom is a story about uncertainty and the idea of blooming into the person one desires to become. The location is Tokyo, Japan during the cherry blossom season. The incredible beauty of the blooming trees for such a short season is reminiscent of the possibilities available for the personal blossom and growth.

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Whoops I Burnt the Toast

Ingmar Chen & Christina Kim

Ingmar Chen a Taiwanese American photographer together with Christina Kim, art director, and stylist have collaborated to create a story Whoops I Burnt the Toast. Christina’s passion for detail and unique objects met with Ingmar’s eye for color coming from photographing the city and nature in its atmospherical painted shades.

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True love will find you in the end

Vitalik Melnikov

True Love Will Find You In The End is a recent editorial shot by Vitalik with the stylist Anna Sandri and the makeup artist Regina Khanipova. Love, romance, tenderness and a very unique affection. Delicate hands, the time of waiting for the special someone.

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Vacant Space

Vladimir Kravchenko

Vacant Space is shot in the Business Club underneath the iconic Sydney skyscraper. A charming muse awaits. Boredom is a relative state when there are so many sections in an empty of people building to explore. Elegantly styled, exquisite garments emphasize the delicate muse's postures.

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