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Marie Lourier

Marie Lourier is a fashion photographer and stylist based in Moscow and working globally. The story Rosalie, shot in Milan carefully crafts a story electrified by the edginess of the outfits, bringing in a post-Soviet street style avision to the beauty of an Italian city while merging the contrasting elements to one.

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Omer Kaplan & Shira Levi

Werisferia a word that holds a hint and a promise to find mystery the path to which might lead through the discovery of inner truths. Omer Kaplan, an Israeli fashion photographer, and videographer together with Shira Levi, a stylist, and Tal Bentzur, a MUAH artist joined forces to create a story in which the character is in search for a deeper understanding of her nature.

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Choi Gyeongmin

ICHON is a story shot by photographer Song Nansae and a visual director and MUAH Choi Gyeong Min, a Seoul-based team. We spoke with Choi about the choice of the location for the shoot in a subway station that gave its name to the editorial and challenges faced in the process.

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Let’s Stay Home and Do Nothing All Day

Andrea Cenetiempo

Andrea Cenetiempo is a fashion photographer based in Milan. Andrea presents the story Let’s Stay Home and Do Nothing All Day, a collaborative work with stylists Alessandro Ferrari and Giusj Pagnotta Albanese, and muah Milena Frau.

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Sweet Sins

Weronika Szustak

Aki Leen is a photographer and art director from Shanghai. Aki has made a long way to discover himself in fashion photography. From learning painting to being a part of a creative department in the 4A advertising agency in which he entered after his graduation starting as a graphic designer and later on working as an art director for several years.

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