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VII by Myy Jeraffi

Myy Jeraffi

VII is a film by Myy Jeraffi in collaboration with and choreographed by a friend and artist Ben Green. This experimental short film in three acts explores the marriage of different mediums: the dancers’ movements, the director’s vision, and the musical accompaniment.

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Whoops I Burnt the Toast

Ingmar Chen & Christina Kim

Ingmar Chen a Taiwanese American photographer together with Christina Kim, art director, and stylist have collaborated to create a story Whoops I Burnt the Toast. Christina’s passion for detail and unique objects met with Ingmar’s eye for color coming from photographing the city and nature in its atmospherical painted shades.

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True love will find you in the end

Vitalik Melnikov

True Love Will Find You In The End is a recent editorial shot by Vitalik with the stylist Anna Sandri and the makeup artist Regina Khanipova. Love, romance, tenderness and a very unique affection. Delicate hands, the time of waiting for the special someone.

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Vacant Space

Vladimir Kravchenko

Vacant Space is shot in the Business Club underneath the iconic Sydney skyscraper. A charming muse awaits. Boredom is a relative state when there are so many sections in an empty of people building to explore. Elegantly styled, exquisite garments emphasize the delicate muse's postures.

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