The Best Version of Yourself

Volker Eichenhofer by WUL Magazine

Volker Eichenhofer is a Berlin, Mitte-based photographer and a founder of the fashion studio StudioVE that focuses on fashion, styling, and scouting. Masterful, clean studio shoots, portraits of strong facial expressions, and exquisite brought to a polished perfection outdoors series are cornerstones of Volker’s creation.

In this series, Volker creates yet another studio session that strikes with its contrasts of colors, the immense presence of the character building a story, and a strict, classic fashion.


"I think my choice of models and styling isn’t very hip or 'fresh and unique' to be honest".

Volker Eichenhofer by WUL Magazine
Volker Eichenhofer by WUL Magazine

Tell about the series. What is the story behind it?

Not a big story behind. I saw Noah, wanted to work with him and so he came to my studio. Like in every editorial and story I do, I work with very classic and reduced styling. For this one, I had some pieces from Burberry, Jil Sander, and Dior Hommes, mixed with smaller German labels. So, actually it was a very classic 1-hour-go-see-thing.

Your photos strike with the color palette and the saturation. Mostly the contrast you have between black and white works and colorful, warm ones. How does the choice of color help in telling the story?

The choice between color and black and white is always intuitive… But I think I am mostly going for no-color when I try to force the viewer to take a closer look. A closer look at the model, the expression, the light or mood on the picture.

Volker Eichenhofer by WUL Magazine

"I’m a bit tired of all those 'loud and outgoing' fashion stuff to be honest".


Scouting for talents and choosing the right face is challenging today as the world is hungry for the redefinition of beauty and fresh unique attitude. How do you approach the topic as your studio specializes in fashion, styling, and scouting?

I think my choice of models and styling isn’t very hip or 'fresh and unique' to be honest, so I’m not the right person for this question :)

But as I mentioned, I like classic styles, high quality, so most of the boys I shoot with have a very classic look. I’m a bit tired of all those 'loud and outgoing' fashion stuff to be honest. I think people lose their scene for quality and high valence these days, just to be special and 'new'.

What is a belief or principle that guides you through life?

I do believe that one of the most important things in life is to be conscious. If you are conscious about who you are, you know about your strengths and your flaws, and that helps you become the best version of yourself.

Name 3 films you would rewatch even today.

I AM LOVE with Tilda Swinton / Costumes by Jil Sander.

SHIT YEAR / An amazing independent black and white movie with Ellen Barkin.

SORRY ANGEL / original: Plaire, Aimer et Courir Vite.

Holly wearing Top:  Girl’s on  Top Jacket:  Leona Edminston & Peter Morrissey  Pants:  Perks and Mini  Shoes:  Nike  Earrings:  Millie Savage
Holly wearing Top: Vintage Pants:  Don’t Want No Scrub  Earrings:  Millie Savage