Katie and Joe Bauer

No one should have the right to judge you

Katie and Joe Bauer are fashion photographers, a team, and husband and wife who have been working together for several years now and have recently moved to NYC. The years of practicing different aspects of fashion photography led to the idea to establish a practical education that offers classes on working with… Read more



SK Tang

No one should have the right to judge you

SK Tang is a young, energetic, talented fashion stylist from Hong Kong, who is up to having some fun and is not afraid to take his projects to the next level. Starting his career as a fashion designer, SK Tang soon realized that… Read more

Nina Raasch

Get rid of your plan B in life — find inspiration in yourself

Nina Raasch is a photographer from Berlin, who has worked for clients such as Nike, Escada, ASOS, Polaroid, and many others. She has taken part in various exhibitions in Berlin, New York and London. Read more



Felipe Huertas

The sea and the sun. Colors of Madrid and Mexico in Felipe Huertas’ works

Eva Sanchez Inche

I don’t have life without the sun!

Holly Whittaker

Free Writing. Reassessment. Happiness.

Ria Mort

I think the most intriguing feeling is - shock.



Lucas Christiansen

I’ve never felt so much freedom in a city like in Berlin

Lucas Christiansen is a young photographer who lives in Berlin. Lucas has developed a distinctive style when a character in the frame shines with an attitude, stares into the lens as if bored or at times caught in a moment, just before the actual shot was supposed to take place. Read more

Bastien Lattanzio

If you don’t like what you do, you will do some bad stuff

We speak about life in between Paris and Marrakech, fashion style, and pottery. Discover what you can learn from Bastien’s approach towards work with clients and balance. Read more


Gaia Bonanomi

I didn’t decide, it happened naturally

In this interview, we discuss the path from holding a Polaroid camera for the first time to studying the skills to developing a personal statement. Read more

Weda Sattya

The Rain Master

Weda Sattya lives in Bali, Indonesia, a dreamlike location to get inspired by nature and people. Weda’s love for photography started with the first camera her dad gave her and developed to a unique medium that enables expressing intrinsic thoughts and feelings. Ream more


Mary Chen

A burden of social media and how tinder shapes a creative mind

Mary’s photography is an exceptional work with different ranges of color that has a background in a chosen culture for the series. Read on to reveal what affects an artist today and how to create rather than re-create others’ works. Mary Chen has published works in Nasty Magazine, Chróma Magazine, Accidental Discharge. Read more


I'm really sorry but, I don’t have any muse: an interview with Chang-Liu

Chang-Liu, a fashion and documentary photographer, based in China. Chang-Liu’s photographs appeared in Fucking Young Magazine, Sicky Magazine and Vanity Teen. Read more


Daria Sahatskaya

We all feel the same way, think the same way, cry and rejoice the same way

Daria Sahatskaya is a photographer and Art Director from Moscow, Russia. Daria’s photographs were featured in NASTY magazine, SICKY Magazine, and ZERO-SAVAGE. A philosophical approach to reality and human kind echoes in the emotions that are expressed in the frame. Read more