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Lights are Like Fairies

Aki Leen

Aki Leen is a photographer and art director from Shanghai. Aki has made a long way to discover himself in fashion photography. From learning painting to being a part of a creative department in the 4A advertising agency in which he entered after his graduation starting as a graphic designer and later on working as an art director for several years.

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For the Love and Not the Money

Jess Brohier

A fashion, art, and lifestyle Photographer and Art Director based in Melbourne, Australia. Her art brings about the notion of stopping time to create inspiring, fierce silhouettes and shapes. Street style fashion, so commonly found in Jess’ themes, is about characters with strong personalities in the hectic seemingly unstoppable life of the city.

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French New Wave Translated into Fashion Photography

Anastasiya Lisitsyna

A fashion photographer based between Moscow and St. Petersburg, who is working in a worldwide scene. The photos are romantic, tender, soft, floating, cinematographic, slightly inspired by the French New Wave film movement. Anastasiya emphasizes the feeling that transcends the photograph to the viewer as the main principle of creating a strong work.

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A Pure Sun-Kissed Romantic Photography

Arianna Genghini

Arianna creates a meaningful connection between fashion and nature, capturing beautiful landscapes, exquisitely playing with the lights and shadows on set. Her goal is to discover the human being behind the person working on the set, and she succeeds to create a unique experience for the beholder.

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