You are Here to Get a Glimpse of Myself

Mouad Abillat by WUL Magazine

Interview by

Stasia Khmelnitski

Photography by

Mouad Abillat


Mouad Abillat is a photographer and director from Morocco. Mouad has a degree of the Audiovisual Technician, studied photography and script writing which has influenced his style leading to develop an interest in storytelling. Photographing youth on the streets of Marrakech, Mouad strives to portray the contradictions and struggle with self-definition the young generation faces today. The authenticity of the environment strikes with its new, unperceived before beautiful angles and enables the emotion or lack of such to fill the photographic spaces and relate the story of unique personalities.

We speak with Mouad about the brilliant project ‘Red Lemon Symphony’, cinematography, and being a photographer.

Photography by  Oumayma Ben Tanfous  Produced by  Carolin Ramsauer  Casting  Sarah Benjamin  and Natalie Lin

Hi Mouad, tell about your childhood, where did you grow up, what was your favorite place for the games?

Hello, you are here to get a glimpse of myself. My full name is Mouad Abillat, I was born in the city of Kenitra, and I currently live in Rabat, Morocco.

How did you decide to start the profession of the photographer?

Besides the domain of photography, I love traveling and listening to music. Well, how I fell in love with this mesmerising domain... since childhood I was inspired by the beauty of nature, and when I was meditating from the surrounding environment from my own angle. I figured out that the best way to get and share it is through images. As a result, I studied this domain and also script writing for two years. Then, I got the degree of the audiovisual technician. I was and still am an active and ambitious person. I exhibited my work in many galleries.

How would you describe the artistic scene be it photography, film-making or fashion in Morocco?

Photography, filmmaking or fashion in Morocco is in the wonderful development compared to before. There is an emergence of new artists presenting new sensations and great energy. I believe that the new generation in this domain is having more potential and capabilities to create new techniques, new vision, and style. Previous generations didn’t have the same chances of publicity. The social media opened the doors for globalization, new perspectives, seeing other’s works, and meeting new people through Instagram. This didn’t happen in the past with the previous generations’ art.

What is your favorite genre in cinematography? Name 3 most fascinated movies of all times.

My favorite genre in cinematography is Drama, Psychological and Documentary films. The fascinating movies of all times from my point of view are Melancholia, Oldboy, and Benny’s video.


"We wanted to tell a story. A story about the youth of Morocco. The new generation. Mix old and new. Fight the different identities that you are supposed to have as an Arab".

Mouad Abillat by WUL Magazine

Tell about the beautiful ‘Red Lemon Symphony” shoot. What was the story you wanted to tell?  

Red Lemon Symphony:

By coincidence, the trio was in Marrakech. We all met on Instagram. Anwar Bougroug (Fashion Designer and Stylist), and model Tilila. We all had a really strong vision, and after talking on Instagram, we decided to meet and realize the project. It's very important for me and Anwar to collaborate with Moroccan creatives and scout new talent here in Morocco. I love to shoot in Marrakech: the light, the colors, and the energy here really fit my style. The challenge is that you can't really just shoot at any hour of the day. There are only certain hours during which you can shoot because of the light and the heat. You really have to plan and be ready to run out and do the most out of the little time you have.


The shoot was taken on a rooftop in the Nouvelle Ville in Marrakech. We wanted to tell a story. A story about the youth of Morocco. The new generation. Mix old and new. Fight the different identities that you are supposed to have as an Arab. Satisfaction outside the world but also follow our inner dreams and our desires. A new wave of people is demanding equality, diversity, and freedom. We wanted people to love us, to see the pictures, and relate to our story.

Mouad Abillat by WUL Magazine

What is the emotion you love to capture in your works?


"The emotions that I love to capture in my work would be love and happiness of the youth. I love to combine between them and create a good story".

Mouad Abillat by WUL Magazine

Shooting in the genre of catching the moment in real life in the underground sphere, what was the most memorable photo you have taken?

The most memorable photo I have captured was a photo of an 87 years old lady’s hand. I love it so much!

How do you see your style develop with years? What would you be shooting in 5 years from now?

I see myself developing as I always try to photograph new things related to the surroundings, every day is a new chance to learn more and new things. In 5 years from now, I think I would be shooting more and bigger projects.

If not photography what do you think would be your profession or what did your parents always wanted you to pursue in life?

I saw myself in photography from a young age, and it happened by coincidence, I can’t see myself having any other career.

What are your plans for 2019 a kind of a New Year’s Resolution?
My plans and resolution for 2019 are for me to put my effort to shoot many subjects in fashion in my own way and finish my 48 projects.