by Luka Radek


Fashion Editorial

Untitled: Examining gender stereotypes

Luka Radek, a London-based photographer from Zagreb, Croatia with the team, decided to study gender roles and norms and expectations that society might force on the individuals.


An Interview with Kourtney Jackson Smith


Kourtney Jackson Smith

I Always Prefer Shooting on Film

Kourtney Jackson Smith is a photographer and art director based in L.A. Kourtney loves shooting on 35mm and medium format film, while focusing on personalities and identities of human beings as a whole or subjects in the frame. Freshness, soft yet vibrant colors, emotional-harsh romanticism define the image. In this interview, we speak about working on set with models, shooting commercial projects on film, and conveying emotions in fashion photography. Read more



A Conversation with Alisa Kuzembaeva


Alisa Kuzembaeva

The fashion campaign revolves around the Summer and the Fall collections, translating those through the sequence of irreversible movement of nature as a metaphor for time.


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Alexandra Cepeda

I get really nervous whenever I have an upcoming shoot

Alexandra Cepeda is a fashion photographer, art director, and stylist from Colombia, who currently lives and creates in Barcelona. Alexandra is interested in humans, in people interaction, a person in his space, and bold fashion shoots. Conceptual, strong, storytelling, emotional, real, fashion. Alex’s works will not leave you unaffected or indifferent. Read more


Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer

Every photoshoot should be a bit demanding, and if it isn’t, it doesn’t excite me

Fee-Gloria Groenemeyer is a freelance fashion and portrait Photographer based in Berlin. She has a B. Cs. in Business Administration from the University of Mannheim and has also studied International Business at the New York University. Fee-Gloria speaks about the pressing issues that preoccupy her mind today, plastic pollution, and the rise of the authoritarian leaders. Read more


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Silvana Trevale

Silvana Trevale is a London based fashion and documentary photographer. Silvana was born in Caracas, Venezuela and today...

Oumayma Ben Tanfous

Oumayma B. Tanfous - a Tunisian-Canadian photographer who currently creates in Montreal and NY…