Kwabena Appiah-nti


Photography and Fashion

Daring Youth through Kwabena’s Lens

We speak with Kwabena about his daily routine, love for sports activities, and he reveals on which film he based one of his favorite shoots.


Ania Bukstein - The Decade of The Broken Hearts


Ania Bukstein

The Decade of The Broken Hearts

We come together to get a deeper look into Ania’s perspective on different nuances of life and present her not only as a talented artist but also reveal as an individual. Quickly we built the set design, hang and spread nylon, bring in the old comfy chair, open the windows to let in natural light and turn on the warm 60-watt reading lamp. Read more



WÜL Magazine x Belle&Sue — “MY NAME IS SUMMER” Campaign SS19


WÜL Magazine x Belle&Sue

My Name is Summer

My Name is Summer is a fashion film shot for Belle&Sue, a fashion label in the heart of Tel-Aviv founded by Inbal and Adi Boussiba. In Belle&Sue flagship store and online shop, one can find collections by 5Preview, Cheap Monday, Billiblond x Belle&Sue, Basic Apparel, Vender, and local designers like Rachel Antonoff and more.


WÜL Discovers: Feeling Emotional by PentHouss



Feeling Emotional

Feeling Emotional is a short film created by the Penthouss extended crew of artists and dancers. The film was shot near Jerusalem and retells the Plato’s Cave with contemporary stylistic direction and rethinking of the main theme.


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Sherban Lupu

The Guy With The Camera

We speak with Sherabn in this interview about his coming to the profession and how being at the right time and in the right place can change one’s route in life. Read more


Travis Matthews

My Getaway is Netflix and Instagram

Travis is a fashion and portrait photographer born in George Town, Guyana who currently lives and creates in NYC. Travis builds a marriage between the inner shine of the person in the frame and the world of fashion in his distinctive way. Read more


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Tokyo Love Hotel and Beyond

Uffie aka Anna-Catherine Hartley, an electro-pop American-French musician, singer, song-writer has recently released her new EP Tokyo Love Hotel. The EP is characterized with the synth-pop melody in the song Drugs with an authentic 90s feel and a twist to a new sound, rap in Sharpie, and slow beats in Papercuts. Read more


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Under the Skin

Ana Alborés is a photographer based in Madrid, Spain whose main focus is fashion and portrait photography. In this series, Ana explores dynamics between the twin brothers, performance…

Opossums In the Backyard

Caroline Tompkins is a photographer based in NYC, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has graduated from the BFA School of Visual Arts and for the last 5 years had been a Photo Editor at…