Paula Prats



I press the shutter when I see the picture


Paula sees herself as a city person although her mastery of photography is expressed lately through the visuals of nature located far from the hectic cityscapes. Her series Still Light, ÍS, Neðan explore the breathtaking Icelandic mysterious views. Nature at times transmits more emotion than a person. The colors and lights are exquisite, never to be forgotten.


An Interview with Katie and Joe Bauer


Katie and Joe Bauer

Celebrate and complain together

Katie and Joe Bauer are fashion photographers, a team, and husband and wife who have been working together for several years now and have recently moved to NYC. The years of practicing different aspects of fashion photography led to the idea to establish a practical education that offers classes on working with models, publishing editorials, planning the shoots to name a few. Read more


A Conversation with Alisa Kuzembaeva


Alisa Kuzembaeva

The fashion campaign revolves around the Summer and the Fall collections, translating those through the sequence of irreversible movement of nature as a metaphor for time.


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SK Tang

No one should have the right to judge you

SK Tang is a young, energetic, talented fashion stylist from Hong Kong, who is up to having some fun and is not afraid to take his projects to the next level. Starting his career as a fashion designer, SK Tang soon realized that the stiff commercial industry in China has not enough potential for. Read more


Nina Raasch

Get rid of your plan B in life — find inspiration in yourself

Nina Raasch is a photographer from Berlin, who has worked for clients such as Nike, Escada, ASOS, Polaroid, and many others. She has taken part in various exhibitions in Berlin, New York and London. Read more


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Kent Andreasen

Kent just returned from a long trip in the U.S. Actually, a 10,000 km trip that included driving through different states all alone, capturing…

Max Siedentopf & JP Bonin

What happens when you challenge yourself going to South America to photograph the most captivating locations and add several kilos of banana?…