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Things Happen for a Reason by Antonio Eugenio

In this interview, we discuss the recent London Fashion Week, the aesthetic behind the shoots, and traveling the cities.


An Interview with Cristiano Pedrocco


Cristiano Perdocco

Melancholic Halo: a Theme in Christiano Pedrocco’s Works

Cristiano Pedrocco is a fashion photographer and fashion films and music videos director from Rome, Italy. His style is sophisticated, cinematographic, fashion-oriented storytelling that relies on the atmosphere created with the continually fascinating play with lights and shadows. An artistic eye for filmmaking adds an element of realizing a brand-new world caught in a moment, lit by the last sun rays of the day. Crispy, elegant, modern, moving - Cristiano creates state-of-the-art imagery. Read more



A Conversation with Alisa Kuzembaeva


Alisa Kuzembaeva

The fashion campaign revolves around the Summer and the Fall collections, translating those through the sequence of irreversible movement of nature as a metaphor for time.


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Julia Morozova

Being feminine to me is being strong-minded, emotional and with your own identity

Julia Morozova is a fashion photographer and art director based between Milan and Turin, Italy. Julia’s works are daring, fearless, forceful, distinct in the immensity of the visual idea, the chosen locations, and the dazzling, captivating story that unfolds. The eternally colossal feeling is created with the carefully chosen scene and the angle the shot is taken from. Read more


Cesar Love Alexandre

We live in total symbiosis, and our work, as a result, flows very organically!

Cesar Love Alexandre aka Young Emperors aka Isabelle Chaput and Nelson Tiberghien is a duo, ‘a team in life’, of visual artists and photographers based in New York. Isabelle and Nelson have met in Gobelins, the school of Art and Photography in Paris and since then live, work, think, create, and even match their style in symbiosis. The recurring theme of the duo’s work is discovering the answer to the eternal question ‘what is love’, while the main influence on their creations is the classic cinematography that has left an undeniable influence on the world and aesthetics. Read more


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Adoration: dark sad and sexy self taught musicotherapy for the clubs and beyonds

Recently RitaMaria Giordano together with photographer Gesualdo Lanza have collaborated with CECILIA on the one of a kind photo session. CECILIA is speaking about her new album Adoration, the perception of the self, and the experience of being the subject in the photoshoot. Read more


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Richard Kovacs

Richard Kovacs is a London based photographer. He graduated from the University of the Arts in London…

Silvana Trevale

Silvana Trevale is a London based fashion and documentary photographer. Silvana was born in Caracas, Venezuela and today...