Fashion Campaign

"My Name is Summer" — SS19

My Name is Summer is a fashion film shot for Belle&Sue, a fashion label in the heart of Tel-Aviv founded by Inbal and Adi Boussiba. In Belle&Sue flagship store and online shop, one can find collections by 5Preview, Cheap Monday, Billiblond x Belle&Sue, Basic Apparel, Vender, and local designers like Rachel Antonoff and more.


An Interview With Anastacia Belyaeva & Marina Ulyanova


Anastacia Belyaeva & Marina Ulyanova


Marina Ulyanova, a Moscow-based stylist collaborated with a photographer and filmmaker Anastacia Belyaeva, and a make-up artist Anastacia Bezhan on shooting Lena. The narrative is created in the beautiful old typed communal house with high bright ceilings and vintage decor. Read more



WÜL Discovers: VII by Myy Jeraffi


Myy Jeraffi


VII is a film by Myy Jeraffi in collaboration with choreographer and artist, Ben Green. This experimental short film in three acts explores the marriage of three different mediums: the dancers movements, the director’s vision, and the musical accompaniment. The atmospheric light of the Mediterranean sun, the salty waves washing ashore, and strength and weakness of the human body within the natural world all join forces to tell this story.



A Conversation with Elena Stein


WÜL X Belle&Sue

Art - an Accumalation of Mistakes

is a collaboration between WÜL - Elena Ceretti Stein, an Italian-Israeli visual artist - and Belle & Sue, the local fashion store. Elena is a multi-disciplinary artist with a philosophical approach to existence as a creator. She was born in Milan, moved to London where she graduated from the University of the Arts, eventually moving again, this time to Tel-Aviv to enable yet another step in self-development and self-realization.


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Nick Van Tiem

Miyagi’s Crane Kick

Nick Van Tiem is a fashion photographer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The characters enlighten the work with emotions, they aspire to be different through their feeling, to live the life they paint with the chosen colors. Caught in a movement or still, characters tell an intrinsic story in a way of fashion. Read more


Chris Loutfy

Stories No One Else is Telling

Chris Loutfy is a fashion photographer based in Sydney, Australia. The color of his works comes from the deep belief in altering what one sees in the photographic scene today through scouting for and providing an opportunity to new faces and talents. Read more


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Voulin Rouge

Von is a NYC-based musician, pop artist, producer, creative director, and a founder of Vondom Labs. Von has recently released a new single and a video Voulin Rouge created in a collaboration with the director Dannah Gottlieb. This is a story about a futuristic sex community that successfully recruits a police officer, initially hunting Von, by helping her discover satisfaction. Read more


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Elvira Kolerova

Elvira Kolerova is a Russian photographer, currently based in Berlin, Germany. Her work is an ultimate statement about an atmosphere created in the frame…

Nick Gavrilov

Nick Gavrilov - a photographer and fashion director at Generation z, lives in St. Petersburg, Russia. Nick's works are about today’s youth…