Brendan Carroll


Street Photography

An Introverted Extrovert: Creating a Narrative.

Brendan Carroll is a freelance editorial photographer and also a photographer for Notre, currently based in his hometown, Chicago. Brendan speaks about the challenges a photographer faces on getting commissioned projects, the idea of storytelling in photography, and the smart time investment during winter. 


An Interview with Volker Eichenhofer


Volker Eichenhofer

The Best Version of Yourself

Volker Eichenhofer is a Berlin, Mitte-based photographer and a founder of the fashion studio StudioVE that focuses on fashion, styling, and scouting. Masterful, clean studio shoots, portraits of strong facial expressions, and exquisite brought to a polished perfection outdoors series are cornerstones of Volker’s creation. Read more



A Conversation with Elena Stein


WÜL X Belle&Sue

Art - an Accumalation of Mistakes

is a collaboration between WÜL - Elena Ceretti Stein, an Italian-Israeli visual artist - and Belle & Sue, the local fashion store. Elena is a multi-disciplinary artist with a philosophical approach to existence as a creator. She was born in Milan, moved to London where she graduated from the University of the Arts, eventually moving again, this time to Tel-Aviv to enable yet another step in self-development and self-realization. Read more


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Jess Brohier

For the Love and Not the Money

Jess Brohier is a fashion, art, and lifestyle Photographer and Art Director based in Melbourne, Australia. Her art brings about the notion of stopping time to create inspiring, fierce silhouettes and shapes. Street style fashion, so commonly found in Jess’ themes, is about characters with strong personalities in the hectic seemingly unstoppable life of the city. Read more


Arianna Genghini

A Pure Sun-Kissed Romantic Photography

Arianna Genghini - a creative soul and a fashion and portrait photographer from Milan, she has recently graduated with an MA in Fashion Photography. Arianna creates a meaningful connection between fashion and nature, capturing beautiful landscapes, exquisitely playing with the lights and shadows on set. Her goal is to discover the human being behind the person working on the set, and she succeeds to create a unique experience for the beholder. Read more


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Adoration: dark sad and sexy self taught musicotherapy for the clubs and beyonds

Recently RitaMaria Giordano together with photographer Gesualdo Lanza have collaborated with CECILIA on the one of a kind photo session. CECILIA is speaking about her new album Adoration, the perception of the self, and the experience of being the subject in the photoshoot. Read more


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Richard Kovacs

Richard Kovacs is a London based photographer. He graduated from the University of the Arts in London…

Silvana Trevale

Silvana Trevale is a London based fashion and documentary photographer. Silvana was born in Caracas, Venezuela and today...