I get really nervous whenever I have an upcoming shoot

Fashion by  SK Tang  Photography by  ISSAC LAM  Model  Alina Hoven  Makeup and Hair  Peter Cky

Alexandra Cepeda is a fashion photographer, art director, and stylist from Colombia, who currently lives and creates in Barcelona. Alexandra is interested in humans, in people interaction, a person in his space, and bold fashion shoots. Conceptual, strong, storytelling, emotional, real, fashion. Alex’s works will not leave you unaffected or indifferent.

Coming from a styling background, only two years in professional photography Alex is powerfully paving a way towards the future exciting projects having one major influence on her character throughout her life.

Stay tuned for Alexandra’s next work which will be shot for Asics Tiger.

Fashion and   Photography by  Katie and Joe  Model  Clayton Thompson
Fashion and   Photography by  Katie and Joe  Model  Hazel Jane  Makeup and Hair  Aaron Lafrenz

Hi Alexandra, tell a bit your story?

I was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. Had a very traditional childhood, we played with our friends on the street, went to the beach and enjoyed the simple things in life. I moved to Spain 3 years ago, and

it's been only 2 years since I decided I wanted to dedicate myself to photography.

What was your favorite shoot and what made it special?

One of my favorite shoots was a pre-campaign I did for a friend of mine who has a clothing brand: Wekafore. He just called in and said: 'hey, let’s go shoot some of my pieces by the beach.' Two hours later we were next to the sea improvising. It was a super special thing for me because I tend to overplay everything a LOT. I get really nervous whenever I have an upcoming shoot, just because I really want everything to come out nicely. The pictures I got that day were very very nice, I felt surprised by my own capability of dealing with something that spontaneous.

If you could go back in time which year you would like to live again from your past, why?

I’d probably go back to a year in which I was worried about mid-term exams at school and thought that was a big drama/problem. Old Alex didn’t know shit about real problems back in the day. I would do it just to have some peace of mind (or not).

What is the biggest challenge for you when you decide to both style and photograph an editorial as in the editorial ‘I DON’T EVEN CARE ANYMORE’?

Mainly keeping everything under control. I style most of my shoots because I used to do styling before I shifted to photography, so I actually enjoy the whole process. But it has come to a point where I just need to let someone else do it if I really want to have a nice outcome with the photo.

Fashion and   Photography by  Katie and Joe

Why fashion photography?


"I am mesmerized by the human facade. The way we decorate it and make our bodies more habitable".

Fashion and   Photography by  Katie and Joe  Model  Brent Barzler
Alexandra Cepeda by WUL Magazine

Why fashion photography?

I am mesmerized by the human facade. The way we decorate it and make our bodies more habitable.

What is on your to do or to learn list for 2019. Could you name 2 things?

Keep my chakras aligned.

Be more patient and confident about my projects.

What is the most fascinating place in Barcelona one has to visit?

Probably outside Barcelona hahahaha. Everything is so full with tourists all the time, maybe going to the mountain or a nearby town is the best choice.

Tell about shooting the commercial project you worked on ‘Highxtar.’ What was the mood you wanted to convey in the photographs and what was the idea for this story?

We were just pointing out key garments of the season (FW 17).

What is the one thing you would love to change about this world if you could?

Immigration law system.

What is your favorite holiday?


What is the editorial you wish to shoot, the story you haven’t yet told?

It's a secret.

Alexandra Cepeda by WUL Magazine
Fashion and   Photography by  Katie and Joe  Model  Brent Barzler

How do you spend your weekends?

For some reason, I ALWAYS have random job-stuff to do every weekend. But mostly, I edit pictures, go out dancing, and hang out with my boyfriend.

What do you think shaped your character as a kid that still influences you as an adult today?

My mom. Her values and feelings are something that definitely shaped my character and (hopefully) will continue leading me through the years.

What is the next project you are working on?

A shooting of some hot release sneakers for Asics Tiger.

Alexandra Cepeda by WUL Magazine