The Rain Master

Weda Sattya by WUL Magazine

Interview by

Stasia Khmelnitski

Photography by

Weda Sattya


Weda Sattya lives in Bali, Indonesia, a dreamlike location to get inspired by nature and people. Weda’s love for photography started with the first camera her dad gave her and developed to a unique medium that enables expressing intrinsic thoughts and feelings.

A natural element, bohemian sets, as challenging as those appear, Weda manages to adopt the natural environment and transform it to fashion. What is beautiful, why you should have a plan B, and the way that work on set flows are discussed in this exclusive interview.

Weda Sattya by WUL Magazine
Weda Sattya by WUL Magazine

Hi Weda, how is it going?

Very good! I hope you guys are too!


Could you tell about yourself? When did you start to photograph?

I am me, it's complicated to explain about myself in writing. I guess you have to meet me and talk to me so you can get to know me better ;)


In your works, the models seem to be bohemian-like nymphs discovering natural elements as woods, water, etc. How would you describe the feeling that is conveyed through your photographs?

There are many things that have influenced the feelings that I want to portray. But basically I love the idea of rawness, so aside from the story and styling that have been settled, I always tell the models to do whatever they want to do according to the current environment and emotion.


What was your first camera?

I started photography as a hobby and I captured anything that caught my attention. I believe it happened when I was 13 when I started. I can't really remember what camera I used when I was little because my dad handed me so many from film cameras to digitals and also a camcorder. But the first camera that I purchased myself was a 35mm Olympus Stylus 120.


Do you have professionals, as perhaps a part of your team, that you work with always on projects? What does having a team mean for you?

Not really, I don't have a specific team. But I always love to meet and work with as many creatives as possible. Having a team to me means that I get to see and learn new things from a different perspective.


How involved are you in the work of the stylist on the set? Do you discuss the particulars before and do you change your decisions on the set?

I am pretty involved in the work of the stylist on set and off set. I love to see my visions to be visualized, but in a way that it won't take over others. I always discuss it beforehand, unless there's something that happens on the set that would force us to.


Name 3 things you love and 3 things you absolutely hate.

It's so hard for me to choose 3 things I love, but there's one thing that I hate - being late.

Weda Sattya by WUL Magazine

What is beautiful to you? How does your approach to beauty changes with years?


"Beautiful to me is undefined, it doesn't have certain criteria, anything can be beautiful with the right set of mind. Growing up, I learned that beauty has so many forms. And I am still learning, to see it not only through my lens but also with my body and soul".

Weda Sattya by WUL Magazine

Tell about creating a scene and shooting in nature. What is the most challenging element and how do you solve it?

It is very exciting! Nature provides us with various beautiful scenery and we have to appreciate it. We can also be creative with the set design to give it more in-depth character, as long as we remember to clean up and not be destructive towards it. You can make plans as good and as many as you like, but you'll never guarantee that it will go accordingly. The most challenging element in shooting outdoors is the weather. It is very unpredictable. But having a plan B and be spontaneous really helps!


Did you have a critical moment in your life that has changed it? What was it?

I used to be a very timid and introvert person. I was struggling to express my feelings with words so photography somehow is the media that I use now to tell what's going on in my mind or heart.


Why fashion photography? How did you understand that this sphere is for you?

There are so many things that I love about fashion. It is very versatile and I've been very curious about it. And I can explore so many styles with my photography. I never really knew that fashion photography is for me. I just know that I love fashion and I love photography. And I don't really think I want to limit myself just working in fashion. I want to learn more, get out of my comfort zone, try new things. Who knows.


Your favorite fashion brand or a catwalk that inspired you?

Wow, so many. But some of them are Acne Studios, Jil Sander, Helmut Lang, Maison Margiela, Celine, Stella McCartney, Simone Rocha.


What is the next photoshoot you will be working on?  

Next photoshoot - I think you will see a lot more personal projects. Portraits, beauty, fashion, documentary, and other, alongside works for clients.

Weda Sattya by WUL Magazine