Tine Bek by WUL Magazine

Interview by

Stasia Khmelnitski

Directed and Edited

Tine Bek represented by Agentur

Art Direction and Styling

Bine Ødegaard

Acting and Modelled

Selma Severin represented by September Model Management


Selma is a slightly theatrical video that combines ballet moves, some awkward movements as in between practicing and rolling the camera. The street and local apartment buildings with the model’s playful attitude and dancing are there to contrast and even slightly ridicule the preparations and testing for the fashion photoshoot much more serious in nature.

Still poses and the wait for the directions for the next scene are opposed to the easiness of decisions and the flow of motion.

Tine Bek by WUL Magazine

The Story


The video was created as an additional part of the photo shoot to test ideas and just play. Bine and I know each other from kindergarten, however, it was not until I moved back to Denmark after being abroad for a while that we started working together professionally. The whole process was a test to see what we could do with what we had. All the outfits and props are Bine's, and we shot the whole thing in her apartment and on her street. When working together I had a flashback to playing as kids and pretending to do directing and photoshoots. It was such a gift to be able to work together with a close friend and everything in the process somehow just happened.

Tine Bek by WUL Magazine

We have done two collaborations so far and are working on a third. I'm not sure we would call it fashion, but it does live somewhere in between the line of art and editorials. All the clothes are second-hand except for the men's shoes Selma wears, nothing was bought. If anything we wanted to make a statement on reusing materials rather than buying new ones, but most of all we wanted to play.

Holly wearing Top:  Girl’s on  Top Jacket:  Leona Edminston & Peter Morrissey  Pants:  Perks and Mini  Shoes:  Nike  Earrings:  Millie Savage

"The whole circus odd vibe just happened on the day, and when Selma showed up and told us she dances ballet, we thought it was perfect to include these elements of movement, and the moments in-between, which I am always very fascinated by".

Tine Bek by WUL Magazine
Tine Bek by WUL Magazine

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