Nothing pains me more than mimicking another style


I try to keep my style really simple so I hope it comes across that way. Through these images, I try to emphasize my inner workings in many ways. Where I go, how I feel about my reality, and further the everyday squeeze of society and its pressures and joys. It’s all feelings-based. The rest is inconsequential.

I think people who are too busy to often think would like my work. I think it would give them a moment to have a break and hopefully open their eyes to the simple things around them that can lift their days.

Kent Andreasen, a Cape Town based photographer, is available for International and local bookings. Kent worked with AirBnB, Vogue, Puma, Maison Kitsuné, Nike and more. Kent discusses his style, the biggest success, and the meaning behind his works. WÜL interviewed Kent about the importance of doing what one loves and revealed an advice for young photographers.

Kent Andreasen by WUL Magazine
Kent Andreasen by WUL Magazine

How old are you?



Where are you currently located?

Cape Town, South Africa.

I can assume that you’re working with a lot of creative people. What type of personality do you like to collaborate/work with?

I’m lucky to work with tons of creative people indeed. Someone that is secure in the work they make is the best sort of person to work with. Once someone has reached that heightened state, they either, get what you're trying to achieve and go with it or they steer in your new direction that both of you find equally exciting and satisfying.


Who are you inspired by?

I have some buddies I have recently started making films with and they’ve been blowing my mind with the process. It’s been a really refreshing experience for me. No tension, just pure work that really feels authentic to what we have set out to achieve.


Name a project in which you revealed yourself in the most creative way.

They all either reveal the best or worst in me.  There is a constant up and down cycle of feeling great about your work or giving up. Keeping my head down and working I find is the best solution. Riding those swells of dread while learning something from it.


How did you get into photography? What led you?

A simple family holiday just before leaving school. The craft bit and hasn’t relented since.

Kent Andreasen by WUL Magazine

What your client should consider before ordering your work?


"I would rather work with a client that is willing to work to my strengths than try to get me to shoot someone else’s style. Once they have considered my style and understood it then it's smooth sailing from there. I only ever want the best for the work and if someone is trying to get me to mimic someone else’s work I cannot achieve the best for the work. Nothing pains me more than that".

Kent Andreasen by WUL Magazine
Kent Andreasen by WUL Magazine

Tell about your biggest success.


"My biggest success is being able to work as a photographer. The rest is a bonus and continues to be".

Kent Andreasen by WUL Magazine

Is there something that separates you from working only on the projects that you like?

It’s all leading that way for now but I am paying my dues and really refining things before I move solely into that realm.


What advice would you give to all the young photographers out there?

I consider myself a young photographer because I haven’t been shooting that long. But if I had to comment on photography, I would say, what has really helped me with progressing is the ability to self-curate my work and really be critical. It may not be a hundred percent but at least I feel as though people seeing my work are seeing the work I feel that best portrays where I’m headed.


Tell a bit about a lesson you’ve learned lately.

The most important lesson to learn is that everyone is going through something no matter how consequential it seems in your mind.


If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?

My impatience with the world and often myself.


Day or night?

Late afternoon ha-ha.


Any plans for the future, where do you see yourself in 3 years?

Keep focused, refine techniques, and keep the momentum.