An art scene in Berlin and a few bright spots with Paul Aidan Perry

Paul Aidan Perry by WUL Magazine

Paul Aidan Perry, a Berlin based photographer, worked with clients like Adidas, UNIQLO, Nike, Levi’s, Converse and many more. Paul shoots fashion editorials, documentary, and lookbooks. In this interview, Paul Aidan Perry speaks about the meaning of originality and explains where the inspiration for his works comes from. Read on about the personal view on the art scene in Berlin and reveal what is more exciting day or night!

My name is Paul and I take photographs. My work is always quick and straight. Romance is not my style. I'm good at doing many things fairly well and hate platitudes. I'd choose black over multicolored and always strive for perfection.

Paul Aidan Perry by WUL Magazine
Paul Aidan Perry by WUL Magazine

How old are you?



Where are you currently located?



What inspires you?

Simply: daily life! There's nothing better.


Nudity is a very frequent subject in your works. Can you call it a motive?

To be honest, this is a very personal aspect of my works as I only photograph a single woman naked.


Tell a bit about the art scene near you.

The art scene around me is like a big black hole with a few bright spots.


What originality means to you?

Not to overestimate one’s own work. In just a week, my view of it will have changed.


Tell about your biggest success.

Time. My biggest success is that I can almost always divide up my time freely and still manage to live from making "art".  

Paul Aidan Perry by WUL Magazine

What type of people do you like to work with?


"I like people who know the stuff I don't know, who are experts in their field and know exactly what they are talking about. Or the raw and clueless, who haven't yet arrived where they're headed. Anything in between I'm less excited by".

Paul Aidan Perry by WUL Magazine
Paul Aidan Perry by WUL Magazine

For those who don’t know you, how would you describe your style?


"I would say that I like roughness and honesty in the visual language I use in my images. I don't really like to use certain categorisation of photography, but if it helps someone to grasp what he sees then fair enough - I often like to manipulate photographic documents".

Paul Aidan Perry by WUL Magazine

It seems you put a great deal of attention to the way emotions are presented in the photographs. Do you find it easier to direct people you know or models and why?

It depends on the relationship I have with the people I photograph and on their own mental plasticity and openness to what we can do. When I work with someone I know I am more direct with them. In the end, it is all up to them if they go for it or not in front of my camera.


You have worked with clients like Hermès, Swarovski or many design studios. What is the guiding principle for you to create work for a client? How is it different from making photographs in personal projects?

Usually, the guiding principle when working with clients is to do something you like despite having a strict brief that often is far away from what you wanted to do. In the end, you want to be happy with what you created and you want to do your job well as requested. This certainly differs from client to client. Some leave you a total freedom some give you a detailed brief. I guess it can be compared to working on your own projects, as you have to also give yourself a brief and direction or leave yourself a total freedom. Both ways are fun!


If you would pick a color that best represents your works what would it be?

Black is the color I love throughout, but if I had to choose a color that represents my works it would be a rainbow - so a big MIX.


What makes you happy?

Travelling, especially in my van with my partner with whom I discover new places and spend most of our time out in nature. Also, when I see clear aims in my life and when I work on inspiring projects, that makes me really happy too!


Day or night?


What will be your next big project?

I am currently putting a new small publication together under the title Never. Rarely. where I worked with text and photographs around the subject of ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder. This is a project that I partially worked on during a workshop at Ahorn books in Berlin with Christian Patterson. I am really excited to share it soon.