Alisa Kuzembaeva

Interview by

Stasia Khmelnitski




The fashion video film, shot in the area of the Dead Sea mountains, revolves around the Summer and the Fall collections, interpreting those through the sequence of irreversible movement of nature as a metaphor for time.

The campaign is about the reflection of the unpreventable change that we are experiencing from the Summer laziness and apathy to the violent movement and transformation of the Autumn. An endless circle of life in which we are recreating ourselves by imitating the fundamental structure of nature.

Alisa Kuzembaeva is the talented high fashion designer from Moscow, who has made an imprint on the world of fashion today. The degree in Architecture in addition to the Art and Design education have merged into a holistic and distinct worldview. The collections offer a modern aesthetic of structured clothes wrapped in the environmentalist approach. Faux fur and faux leather have never been more desirable as clothes carry a statement and a value beyond the visual presentation. Alisa has designed several successful, edgy collections, and continues to inspire and lead the Russian fashion domain by creating unique silhouettes.



Film by — Dmitry Khmelnitsky & Ilya Marcus

Starring — Emma Medding

Director of Photography — Misha Kaminsky

Camera Assistant — Eyal Malka

Fashion — Danielle Idan

Hair — Dana Winshman

Make Up — Lana Shvartzman


Today Russian fashion designers and fashion movement is winning over the world fashion scene. Why do you think it happens now?


"I'm not sure that Russian designers are on the spot now. It always needs the government's support and a stable economy, and we don't have it".


Hi Alisa, what a pleasure to have you on the WÜL Mag! What was your first design? How did it look, do you remember it?

I think I tried to reinvent a skirt when I was 6.


How would you describe your collections? What is the angle you bring to the fashion world that is unique compared to what we had before?

I try to combine intellectual fashion with effortless chic.


Your main statement in the Winter 17-18 collection was around Faux Fur. Designers are very engaged today in a conversation about changing the world and improving our environment. How do you see design evolving in the next couple of years?

I think there is no other option than trying to improve your production and be more eco-friendly. Our lives depend on it.


How does your knowledge of architecture affect your design, the elements, and details of the collections?

The architecture is in the DNA of the garments.


Tell us about your upcoming collection. What can we expect from the next season?

Next season will be devoted to living in the shadow of an upcoming catastrophe. Nowadays, the media constantly promises the end of the world, I want to convey these complex feelings in a collection.


What is the fashion Haute Couture house that makes it the best this season?

I get mostly inspired by the underground.


What is special about it? 

I like the noise of it.


Who is this woman, what are her characteristics, in your opinion, who wears your designs the best?

As a creator, you aren't in the choosing position.


You had a cooperation with sbp4 (Saint Petersburg band) on a video that features your already well-known dresses. Could you tell a bit about this work?

Just lend the clothes to the stylist, no big deal.


Name one thing you would like to learn this year that can move you one step forward in self-realization?