WÜL X Belle&Sue

Art - an Accumalation of Mistakes

A collaboration between WÜL - Elena Ceretti Stein, an Italian-Israeli visual artist - and Belle & Sue, the local fashion store. Elena is a multi-disciplinary artist with a philosophical approach to existence as a creator. She was born in Milan, moved to London where she graduated from the University of the Arts, eventually moving again, this time to Tel-Aviv to enable yet another step in self-development and self-realization. Read more


Alisa Kuzembaeva

Summer Fall — Endless

A Film made by WÜL Studio for a Russian fashion designer Alisa Kuzembaeva. The Reflection of the unpreventable change that we are experiencing from the Summer laziness and apathy to the violent movement and transformation of the Autumn. An endless circle of life in which we are recreating ourselves by imitating the fundamental structure of nature. Read more